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Free Trial options


This section provides a set of "quick guides" that can be used during the Akamas Free Trial (see here the different options available).
While all the guides are meant to be self-contained, it is advised to first read this introduction about Akamas and its architecture. You may also refer to the glossary, when necessary.

Akamas Free Trial options

There are two options when running an Akamas Free Trial:
  1. 1.
    Akamas-in-a-sandbox (AIAS)
    • Akamas-provided sandbox as cloud instance - no setup time
    • sample applications (e.g. Online Boutique) included in the AIAS environment as optimization targets
    • predefined optimization study and artifacts available to quickly familiarize with Akamas concepts
    • access via both UI and CLI (from your own workstation)
  2. 2.
    Akamas-in-a-box (AIAB)
    • Akamas server to be installed on your own system (server/laptop)
    • sample applications (e.g. Online Boutique) included in the AIAB package as optimization targets
    • ability to connect Akamas to your own environment to be managed.
The AIAS option is the standard one that is activated, while the AIAB option is available upon request.