A system represents of the entire system which is the target of optimization.

A system is a single object irrespective of the number or type of entities or layers that are in the scope of the optimization. It can be used to model and describe a wide set of entities like:

  • An N-layers application

  • A single micro-service

  • A single (or a collection of) batch job(s)

A System is made of one or more components. Each component represents one of the elements in the system, whose parameters are involved in the optimization or whose metrics are collected to evaluate the results of such optimization.


A system is described by the following properties:

  • The full micro-services stack of an application

  • a name that uniquely identifies the system

  • a description that clarifies what the system refers to

The construct to be used to define a system is described on the System template page.


A system is an Akamas resource that can be managed via CLI using the resource management commands.

User Interface

The Akamas UI displays systems (depending on the user privileges on the defined workspaces) in a specific top-level menu.

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