LoadRunnerEnteprise Operator

This page introduces the LoadRunnerEnterprise operator, a workflow operator that allows piloting performance tests on a target system by leveraging Micro Focus LoadRunner Enterprise (formerly known as Performance Center).


This section provides the minimum requirements that you should meet in order to use this operator.

Supported versions

  • Micro Focus Performance Center 12.60 or 12.63

  • LoadRunner Enterprise 2020 SP3

Configuration options

When you define a task that uses the LoadRunnerEnterprise operator you should specify some configuration information to allow the operator to connect to LoadRunner Enterprise and execute a provided test scenario.

You can specify configuration information within the arguments that are part of a task in the YAML of the definition of a workflow.

You can avoid specifying each configuration information at the task level, by including a component property with the name of a component; in this way, the operator will take any configuration information from the properties of the referenced component

Operator arguments

This table reports the configuration reference for the arguments section

How to retrieve the testId value

The following screenshot from Performance Center shows the testId value highlighted.

How to retrieve the testSet value

The following screenshot from Performance Center shows the testSet name highlighted.

How to retrieve the testId value from LoadRunner Enterprise

URL: http://<LRE address>/Loadtest/

then test management from the main menu


A simple performance test

name: test
operator: LoadRunnerEnterprise
  address: "http://lr-pc.dev.akamas.io"
  username: akamas
  password: akamas
  tenantID: cf59c1a8-ad2d-4c9a-9324-edadaae5b8b9
  project: akamasproject
  testId: 1
  testSet: testsetname
  timeSlot: '30m'YAML

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