Backup & Recover of the Akamas Server

Akamas server backup

The process of backing up an Akamas server can be divided in two parts, that is system backup and otherwise start Akamas. Backup can be performed in any way you see fit: they’re just regular files so you can use any backup tool.

System backup

System services are hosted on AWS ECR repo so the only thing that fully defines a working Akamas application is the docker-compose.yml file. Performing a backup of the Akamas application is as simple as copying this single file to your backup location. you may schedule any script that performs this weekly or at any frequency you see fit

User data backup

You may list all existing Akamas studies via the Akamas CLI command:

akamas list study

Then you can export all existing studies one by one via the CLI command

akamas export study <UUID>

where UUID is the UUID of a single study. This command exports into a single archive file (tar.gz). These archive files can be backed up to your favorite backup folder.

Akamas server recovery

Akamas server recovery involves recovering the system backup, restarting the Akamas service then re-importing the studies.

System Restore

To restore the system you must recover the original docker-compose.yml then launch the command

docker-compose up &

from the folder where you placed this YAML file and then wait for the system to come up, by checking it with the command

akamas status -d

User data restore

All studies can be re-imported singularly with the CLI command (referring to the correct pathname of the archive):

akamas import study archive.tgz

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