CSV provider

The CSV provider collects metrics from CSV files and makes them available to Akamas. It offers a very versatile way to integrate custom data sources.


This section provides the minimum requirements that you should match before using the CSV File telemetry provider.

Network requirements

The following requirements should be met to enable the provider to gather CSV files from remote hosts:

  • Port 22 (or a custom one) should be open from Akamas installation to the host where the files reside.

  • The host where the files reside should support SCP or SFTP protocols.


  • Read access to the CSV files target of the integration

Akamas supported version

  • Versions < 2.0.0 are compatibile with Akamas until version 1.8.0

  • Versions >= 2.0.0 are compatible with Akamas from version 1.9.0

Supported component types

The CSV File provider is generic and allows integration with any data source, therefore it does not come with support for a specific component type.

Setup the data source

To operate properly, the CSV file provider expects the presence of four fields in each processed CSV file:

  • A timestamp field used to identify the point in time a certain sample refers to.

  • A component field used to identify the Akamas entity.

  • A metric field used to identify the name of the metric.

  • A value field used to store the actual value of the metric.

These fields can have custom names in the CSV file, you can specify them in the provider configuration.

The Install CSV provider page describes how to get this Telemetry Provider installed. Once installed, this provider is shared with all users of your Akamas installation and can be used to monitor many different systems, by configuring appropriate telemetry provider instances as described in the Create a CSV provider instance page.

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