LoadRunner Enterprise provider

The LoadRunner Enterprise provider collects metrics from a LoadRunner Enterprise instance and makes them available to Akamas.


This section provides the minimum requirements that you should match before using the LoadRunnerEnterprise telemetry provider.

Supported versions

  • LoadRunner Enterprise 12.60, 12.63 and 2020 SP3

  • InfluxDB 1.7 and 1.8

Network requirements

  • Port 8086 between Akamas VM to InfluxDB host, opened in both directions. This port is used to gather metrics.


  • The provider requires a user that can access InfluxDB.

  • The user must have read permission on the database containing the LoadRunner metrics.

Supported component types

  • Web Application

You can check LoadRunner provider metrics mapping to see how component-types metrics are extracted by this provider.

Workflow requirements

This section lists the workflow operators this provider depends on.

Setup the data source

To set up the integration between Loadrunner Enterprise and InfluxDB please follow the official Microfocus documentation. Akamas does not require any additional setup on the data source.

Components configuration

Akamas reasons in terms of a system to be optimized and in terms of parameters and metrics of components of that system. To understand the link between metrics collected from LoadRunnerEnterprise through InfluxDB and a specific component, the LoadRunnerEnterprise provider looks up some properties in the components of a system:

  • loadrunnerenterprise

You can use this example to start building your component specification:

# Specification for a component, whose metrics should be collected by the Prometheus Provider
name: "WebApp1" # name of the component
description: "WebApp for payment services" # description of the component
  loadrunnerenterprise: ""

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