Creating automation workflows

After modeling the system and its components and ensuring that appropriate telemetry instances are defined, the following step (see the following figure) is to define a workflow.

A workflow automates all the tasks to be executed in sequence (see the following figure) during the optimization study, in particular those leveraging integrations with external entities, such as telemetry providers or configuration management tools. Akamas provides a number of general-purpose and specialized workflow operators (see Workflow Operator page).

The Workflow template section of the reference guide describes the template required to define a workflow, while the commands for creating a workflow are listed on the Resource Management command page.

Since a workflow is an Akamas resource defined at the workspace level and that can be used by multiple studies, it might be the case that a convenient workflow is already available or can be used to create a new workflow for the specific target system and integrations, by adding/removing some workflow tasks, changing the task sequence or the values assigned to task parameters.

Notice that since the structure of workflows defined for a live optimization study and for an offline optimization study are very different, these cases are described by a specific page:

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