Analyzing results of live optimization studies

Even for live optimization studies, it is a good practice to analyze how the optimization is being executed with respect to the defined goal & constraints, and workloads.

This analysis may provide useful insights about the system being optimized (e.g. understanding of the system dynamics) and about the optimization study itself (e.g. how to adjust optimizer options or change constraints). Since this is more challenging for an environment that is being optimized live, a common practice to adopt a recommendation mode before possibly switching to a fully autonomous mode.

The Akamas UI displays the results of an offline optimization study in the following areas:

  • the Metrics section (see the following figures) displays the behavior of the metrics as configurations are recommended and applied (possibly after being reviewed and approved by users); this area supports the analysis of how the optimizer is driven by the configured safety and exploration factors.

  • The All Configurations section provides the list of all the recommended configurations, possibly as modified by the user, as well as the detail of each applied configuration (see the following figures).

  • in the case of a recommendation mode, the Pending configuration section (see the following figure) shows the configuration that is being recommended to allow users to review it (see the EDIT toggle) and approve it:

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