Release Notes

We are excited to announce Akamas Version 3.3.1, a significant update focusing on enhancing security, usability, and the toolbox features. This version marks our continued commitment to providing a robust and user-friendly optimization platform. With improvements ranging from streamlined workflow validations to advanced CLI functionalities, this release aims to further simplify and secure the user experience. We have also concentrated on refining the toolbox component for more efficient operations, in particular when running on Kubernetes. Join us in exploring the new capabilities and optimizations that Akamas 3.3.1 has to offer.

Security Enhancements

We've significantly bolstered security by reducing the number of open Common Vulnerability Exposures (CVEs). This proactive approach to addressing potential vulnerabilities ensures a more secure and reliable platform for our users. Additionally, we have updated core components and dependencies, further strengthening the platform's security and performance.

Usability Improvements

We are continuously improving Akamas usability to provide users with a more streamlined optimization experience. In this released, we have introduced the following enhancements:

  • Workflow validation against the system upon study start to identify potential setup issues.

  • Improved user management for OAuth users, with clearer error messages and guidance for administrators on actions limited by OAuth provider constraints.

  • Enhanced error messaging for Optimization Pack Installation when encountering incorrect parameter default values.

  • Updated JVM Optimization pack for better support of parameter units.

  • Refined messages for workspace creation and user addition, enhancing user experience.

Toolbox Enhancements

We have improved the "management pod" used as a support container, in particular in Kubernetes installation, renaming it to "toolbox". The major changes in the setup of the toolbox are:

  • Toolbox initialization is now possible without sudo/root access.

  • Advanced password management, covering more corner cases and offering increased configurability.

  • Integrated network policy within the helm chart for improved network security.

  • Extended the documentation with examples of how to use the toolbox in workflows.

CLI Improvements

We have expanded the capabilities of the akamas cli to simplify both the setup of new akamas installations and the management of local configurations. Here are the main changes introduced in Akamas cli 2.9.0

  • Improved error messaging for initialization (init config) issues and non-writable .akamas/akamasconf.

  • Removed timeout from study import/export commands for better flexibility.

  • Updated help messages for the Akamas update configuration command, specifically for local CLI configurations.

  • Enhanced service status messages for more informative feedback.

  • Simplified setup by omitting the organization field.

  • The 'akamas --version' command now displays both CLI and server versions.

  • Added a check for duplicate study names during import, with a prompt for user confirmation.

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