Parameter selection

The ParameterSelection field in a study specifies which parameters of the system should be tuned while running the optimization study.

In case this selection is not specified, all parameters are considered.

A parameter selection can either assume the value of all to indicate that all the available parameters of the system of the study should be tuned, or can assume the value of a list with items of the shape like the one below:

Notice that, by default, every parameter specified in the parameters selection of a study is applied. This can be modified, by leveraging the Parameter rendering options.


The following fragment is an example:

  - name: jvm.jvm_gcType
  - name: jvm.jvm_maxG1NewSizePercent
    domain: [10, 90]
  - name: webserver.aws_ec2_instance_size
    categories: ["large", "x.large", "2x.large"]

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