Workload selection

The workloadsSelection is a structure used to define the metrics that are used by Akamas to model workloads as part of a live optimization study.

  - name: component1.metric1
  - name: component2.metric2

with the following fields:

FieldTypeValue restrictionIs requiredDefault valueDescription



should match the following syntax:


where component_name is an existing component, and metric_name is an existing metric associated with the component-type of the component component_name


The metric of the component that represents the workload


array of numbers

should be of size 2, contain either all integers or real numbers (do not omit the "."), be set only if the metric has a domain of type integer or real,and be compatible with the domain defined in the component-type the component_name refers to


A custom domain for the metric to be used by the optimization study

Notice that, while the domain can be used to specify the maximum and minimum values for a workload metric, it is not recommended to specify static workloads domains as Akamas can dynamically define them by using the observed minimum and maximum value of the metric.

Also notice that workload metrics must have been defined in the metricsSelection.


The following refers to a workload represented by the metric transactions_throughput of the konakart component:

  - name: konakart.transactions_throughput

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