Optimization Pack

An optimization pack is a software object that provides a convenient facility for encapsulating all the knowledge (e.g. metrics, parameters with their default values and domain ranges) required to apply Akamas optimizations to a set of entities associated with the same technology.

Notice that while optimization packs are very convenient for modeling systems and creating studies, it is not required for these entities to be covered by an optimization pack.

Akamas provides a library of out-the-box optimization packs and new custom optimization packs can be easily added (no coding is required).


An optimization pack needs to include the entities that encapsulate technology-specific information related to the supported component types:

  • supported component types

  • parameters and metrics for each component type

  • supported telemetry providers (optional)


An optimization pack is an Akamas resource that can be managed via CLI using the resource management commands.

User Interface

The Akamas UI shows systems in a specific top-level menu.

An optimization pack encapsulates one or more of the following technology-specific elements:

  • Component Types: these represent the type of the component(s) included, each with its associated parameters and metrics

  • Telemetry Providers: that define where to collect metrics

An optimization pack enables Akamas users to optimize a technology without necessarily being an expert in that technology and to code their knowledge about a technology or a specific application to be reused in multiple optimization studies to ease the modeling process.

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