Telemetry Provider

A telemetry provider is a software object that represents a data source of metrics. A telemetry instance is a specific instance of a telemetry provider that refers to a specific data source.

Examples of telemetry providers are:

  • monitoring tools (e.g. Prometheus or Dynatrace)

  • load testing tools (e.g. LoadRunner or Neoload)

  • CSV files

A telemetry provider is a platform-wide entity that can be reused across systems to ease the integration with metrics sources.

Akamas provides a number of out-of-the-box telemetry providers. Custom telemetry providers can also be created.


The construct to be used to define a telemetry provider is described on the Telemetry Provider template page.


A telemetry provider is an Akamas resource that can be managed via CLI using the resource management commands.

User Interface

The Akamas UI shows systems in a specific top-level menu.

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