A workflow is a set of tasks that needs to be executed in sequence to evaluate a configuration as part of an optimization study. A task is a single action performed within a workflow.

Workflows allow you to automate Akamas optimization studies, by automatically executing a sequence of tasks such as initializing an environment, triggering load testing, restoring a database, applying configurations, and much more.

These are examples of common tasks that can be performed by a task

  • Launch remote commands via SSH

  • Apply parameters values in configuration files

  • Execute Spark jobs via spark-submit API

  • Start performance tests by integrating with external tools such as Neoload

Workflows are first-class entities that can be defined globally and then used in multiple optimization studies.

Akamas provides several workflow operators that can be used to perform tasks in a workflow. Some operators are general-purpose, such as those executing a command or script on a specific host, while others provide native integrations with specific technologies and tools, such as Spark History Server or load testing tools.


The construct to be used to define a workflow is described on the Workflow template page.


A telemetry provider is an Akamas resource that can be managed via CLI using the resource management commands.

User Interface

The Akamas UI shows systems in a specific top-level menu.

The list of tasks is displayed when drilling down to each specific workflow.

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