Java-OpenJDK optimization pack

The Java-OpenJDK optimization pack enables the ability to optimize Java applications based on the OpenJDK and Oracle HotSpot JVM. Through this optimization pack, Akamas is able to tackle the problem of performance of JVM-based applications from both the point of view of cost savings and quality of service.

To achieve these goals the optimization pack provides parameters that focus on the following areas:

  • Garbage collection

  • Heap

  • JIT

Similarly, the bundled metrics provide visibility on the following aspects of tuned applications:

  • Heap and memory utilization

  • Garbage-collection

  • Execution threads

Component Types

The optimization pack supports the most used versions of OpenJDK and Oracle HotSpot JVM.

Component TypeDescription

Java OpenJDK 8 JVM

Java OpenJDK 11 JVM


Here’s the command to install the Java OpenJDK optimization pack using the Akamas CLI:

akamas install optimization-pack Java-OpenJDK

For more information on the process of installing or upgrading an optimization pack refer to Install Optimization Packs.\

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