Linux optimization pack

The Linux optimization pack helps you optimize Linux-based systems. The optimization pack provides component types for various Linux distributions, thus enabling performance improvements on a plethora of different configurations.

Through this optimization pack, Akamas is able to tackle the problem of performance of Linux-based systems from both the point of you of cost savings, as well as quality and level of service: the included component types bring in parameters that act on the memory footprint of systems, on their ability to sustain higher levels of traffic, on their capacity of leveraging all the available resources and on their potential for lower latency transactions.

Each component type providers parameters that cover four main areas of tuning:

  • CPU tasks scheduling (for example, if to auto-group and schedule together similar tasks)

  • Memory (for example, the limit on memory usage for which start swapping pages on disk)

  • Network (for example, the size of the buffers used to write/read network packets)

  • Storage (for example, the type of storage scheduler)

Component Types

Component TypeDescription

Amazon Linux AMI

Amazon Linux 2 AMI

Amazon Linux 2022 AMI

CentOS Linux distribution version 7.x

CentOS Linux distribution version 8.x

Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution version 7.x

Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution version 8.x

Ubuntu Linux distribution by Canonical version 16.04 (LTS)

Ubuntu Linux distribution by Canonical version 18.04 (LTS)

Ubuntu Linux distribution by Canonical version 20.04 (LTS)


Here’s the command to install the Linux optimization pack using the Akamas CLI:

akamas install optimization-pack Linux

For more information on the process of installing or upgrading an optimization pack refer to Install Optimization Packs.

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