MySQL Database optimization pack

The MySQL optimization pack allows the user to monitor a MySQL instance and explore the configuration space of its parameters. The optimization pack provides parameters and metrics that can be leveraged to reach, among others, two main goals:

  • Throughput optimization - increasing the capacity of a MySQL deployment to serve clients

  • Cost optimization - decreasing the size of a MySQL deployment while guaranteeing the same service level

To reach the aforementioned goals, the optimization pack focuses on three key areas of tuning of the InnoDB, the storage engine for MySQL:

  • Buffer management

  • Threading

  • Paging

Component Types

The following table describes the supported component types by the MySQL optimization pack.

Component TypeDescription

MySQL 8.0 Database, deployed on-premises.


Here’s the command to install the MySQL optimization-pack using the Akamas CLI:

$ akamas install optimization-pack MySQL

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