PostgreSQL optimization pack

The PostgreSQL optimization pack allows you to explore and tune the configuration space of PostgreSQL parameters. In this way, an Akamas study can ramp up the transaction number or minimize its resource consumption according to your typical workload, cutting costs. The main tuning areas covered by the parameters provided in this optimization pack are:

  • Background writer management

  • VACUUM management

  • Deadlock and concurrency management

  • Write-ahead management

The optimization pack includes metrics to monitor:

  • Query executions

  • Concurrency and locks

  • Buffers and disk I/O

Component Types

These component types model different PostgreSQL releases. They provided a subset of the parameters available for the best optimization results.

Component TypeDescription

PostgeSQL 11

PostgeSQL 12


Here’s the command to install the PostgreSQL optimization pack using the Akamas CLI:

akamas install optimization-pack PostgreSQL

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