Initialize Akamas CLI

The CLI is used to interact with an akamas server. To initialize the configuration of the Akamas CLI you can run the command:

akamas init config

and follow the wizard to provide the required information such as the server IP.

Here is a summary of the configuration wizard options.

Api address [http://localhost:8000]: https://<akamas server dns name>:8443
Workpace [default]: default
Verify SSL: [True]: True
Is external certificate CA required? [y/N]: N

This configuration can be changed at any time (see how to change the CLI config).

After this step, the Akamas CLI can be used to login to the Akamas server, by issuing the following command:

akamas login

and providing the credentials as requested.

Logging into Akamas requires a valid license. If you have not installed your license yet refer to the page Install the Akamas license.

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