Network requirements

This section lists all the connectivity settings required to operate and manage Akamas

Internet access

Internet access is required for Akamas online installation and updated procedures and allows retrieving the most updated Akamas container images from the Akamas private Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR).

If internet access is not available for policies or security reasons, Akamas installation and updates can be executed offline.

Internet access from the Akamas server is not mandatory but it’s strongly recommended.


The following table provides a list of the ports on the Akamas server that have to be reachable by Akamas administrators and users to properly operate the system.





Akamas admin

Akamas server



Akamas admin/user

Akamas server

80, 443

Akamas web UI access

Akamas admin/user

Akamas server

8000, 8443

Akamas API access

In the specific case of AWS instance and customer instances sharing the same VPC/Subnet inside AWS, you should:

  • open all of the ports listed in the table above for all inbound URLs ( on your AWS security group

  • open outbound rules to all traffic and then attach this AWS security group (which must reside inside a private subnet) to the Akamas machine and all customer application AWS machines

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