LoadRunner Professional provider

The LoadRunner provider collects metrics generated by a LoadRunner instance (converted to their JSON format and placed in CIFS network share) and makes them available to Akamas.


This section provides the minimum requirements that you should match before using the LoadRunner telemetry provider.

Supported versions

  • Micro Focus LoadRunner 12.60 or 2020

Network requirements

  • The network share is reachable at port 445/TCP

  • The network share is reachable at port 139/UDP

Permissions (optional)

  • Username, domain (if required), and password of the network share.

  • Read permission on the network share.

Supported component types

  • Web Application

You can check LoadRunner provider metrics mapping to see how component-types metrics are extracted by this provider.

Setup the data source

The provider expects that its required data are on a CIFS share. If you are using the LoadRunner operator, please follow the instruction on here below on how to export LoadRunner results in a network share by setup a share on the LoadRunner Controller.

Share a Controller folder

To share a folder on Windows, please follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the folder, then select Properties

  2. Go to Sharing tab, then select Advanced Sharing

  3. In the opened window, enable Share this folder

  4. In the "Share name" textbox type the name of the share. This is the name of the share over the network

  5. Then click on Permissions, then Add

  6. In the textbox type the name of the user or the group (with the domain if required) that you want to grant access to the share, then click OK

  7. Select the added user (or group) and grant the required permissions

  8. Click OK, OK, and then Close

Mount network share on the controller

  1. Open "This PC" from the Start menu, then click on "Map network drive"

  2. In the "Map Network Drive" window, select a suitable drive letter name and enter the remote folder path of the network share that has been given to you by your storage admin (it should be something with the format \\mycompanyshareserver.mycompany\foldername)

  3. Make sure to check "Reconnect at sign-in" and "Connect using different credentials".

  4. Click Finish

  5. In the "Windows Security" window enter the username (with the domain, if required) and the password for the network share and check "Remember my credentials".

  6. Click Ok

Components configuration

Akamas reasons in terms of a system to be optimized and in terms of parameters and metrics of components of that system. To understand the link between metrics collected from LoadRunner and a specific component, the LoadRunner provider looks up the property loadrunner in the components of a system:

# Specification for a component, whose metrics should be collected by the Prometheus Provider
name: "WebApplication1" # name of the component
description: "LoadRunner controller" # description of the component
  loadrunner: ""   # the presence of this property helps akamas discriminate metrics imported using loadrunner from the ones provided by other providers

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