NeoLoadWeb provider

The NeoLoad Web provider collects metrics from a NeoLoad Web instance and makes them available to Akamas.


This section provides the minimum requirements that you should match before using the NeoLoad Web telemetry provider.

Supported versions

  • NeoLoad Web SaaS or managed version 7.1 or later.

Network requirements


  • NeoLoad Web API access token.

Akamas supported version

  • Versions < 2.0.0 are compatibile with Akamas untill version 1.8.0

  • Versions >= 2.0.0 are compatible with Akamas from version 1.9.0

Supported component types

  • Web Application

You can check NeoLoadWeb provider metrics mapping to see how component-types metrics are extracted by this provider.

Workflow requirements

This section lists the workflow operators this provider depends on.

Components configuration

Akamas reasons in terms of a system to be optimized and in terms of parameters and metrics of components of that system. To understand which metrics collected from NeoloadWeb should refer to which component, the NeoloadWeb provider looks up the property neoloadweb in the components of a system:

name: MyComponent
 neoloadweb: "true" # the presence of this property helps akamas discriminate metrics imported using neoloadweb from the ones imported by other providers for the same component

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