Create NeoLoadWeb provider instances

When you create an instance of the NeoLoad Web provider, you should specify some configuration information to allow the provider to correctly extract and process metrics from NeoLoad Web.

You can specify configuration information within the config part of the YAML of the instance definition.

Required properties

  • accountToken - NeoLoad Web API access token.

Telemetry instance reference

The following YAML file describes the definition of a telemetry instance.

provider: NeoLoadWeb  # this is an instance of the NeoLoad Web provider
  neoloadApi:     # API host
  accountToken: d2d9d8c6064b35209d7f6912db986a6e  # access token
  actions:    # the list of User Paths to import
    - 01 - Home page
  metrics:    # the list of metrics to import
    - transactions_response_time
    - transactions_throughput
    - pages_response_time
    - users

The following table provides the reference for the config section within the definition of the NeoLoad Web provider instance:

FieldTypeDescriptionDefault valueRestrictionsRequired



A valid access token




Hostname of the NeoLoad Web API



List of strings

List of component metrics to import

['<all transactions>']



List of strings

List of "User Paths" to import


Notice: the NeoLoadWeb provider imports data points matching at least one of the configured values for both metrics and actions.

Use cases

This section reports common use cases addressed by this provider.

Collect Web Application metrics

Check the Web Application page for a list of all web application metrics available in Akamas

This example shows how to configure the NeoLoad Web provider in order to collect performance metrics published on the SaaS web API.

You must create a YAML file with the definition of a telemetry instance (neoload_instance.yml) of the NeoLoad Web provider:

provider: NeoLoadWeb
  accountToken: d2d9d8c6064b35209d7f6912db986a6e

and then create the telemetry instance using the Akamas CLI:

akamas create telemetry-instance neoload_instance.yml

You can then configure the workflow in order to trigger the execution of a NeoLoad test using the NeoLoadWeb provider, as in the following example:

name: neoloadweb_wf
- name: Run NeoLoadWeb
  operator: NeoLoadWeb

    accountToken: d2d9d8c6064b35209d7f6912db986a6e
    controllerZoneId: mlmEt
    lgZones: mlmEt:1

    scenarioName: test
        verifySSL: false

Best practices

This section reports common best practices you can adopt to ease the use of this telemetry provider.

  • filter the imported metrics: import only the required metrics using the metrics and actions filters, in order to avoid throttling on the NeoLoad Web instance.

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