Creating optimization studies

The final preparatory step before running a study is to actually create the study, which also requires several substeps.

Most of the substeps are common for both a live optimization study and an offline optimization study, even if they might need to be conceived differently in these two different contexts:

Other optional and mandatory steps are specific for offline optimization studies (see below) and live optimization studies (see below).

The Study template section of the reference guide describes the template for creating a study, while the commands for creating a study are on the Resource Management command page. For offline optimization studies only, the Akamas UI displays the "Create a study" button that provides a visual step-by-step procedure for creating a new optimization study (see the following figure).

Offline optimization studies

For offline optimization studies, there are some additional (optional) steps:

Notice that Akamas also allows existing offline optimization studies to be duplicated either from the Akamas UI (see the following figure) or from the command line (refer to the Resource management commands page).

Live optimization studies

For live optimization studies, there are some additional steps - including a mandatory one:

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