Modeling components

After identifying the components that are required to model a system, the following step is to model each identified key component.

Akamas provides the corresponding component types for their specific technology (and possibly version) and optimization packs describing all the tunable parameters and metrics of interest. The full list of Akamas optimization packs is available on the optimization packs page of the Akamas reference guide.

The Component template section of the reference guide describes the template required to define a system component, while the commands for creating a system component are listed on the Resource Management command page.

While the optimization process does not necessarily require component types and optimization packs to be defined, it is recommended to leverage this construct to facilitate modularization and reuse.

This is possible as the Akamas optimization pack model is extensible: custom optimization packs can be easily created without any programming to allow Akamas optimization capabilities to be applied to virtually any technology.

The Creating custom optimization pack page describes how to create a new optimization pack (possibly by reusing an already existing one) while the Component Type template page in the Akamas reference guide describes how to define a custom component type (if required).

Notice that optimization packs, even if provided out-of-the-box by Akamas, need to be installed (as described on the Managing optimization packs page), in case they have not yet been used before in the Akamas installation, by other users. Indeed, optimization packs are global resources that are shared across all the workspaces on the same Akamas installation.

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