Running optimization studies

Once all the preparatory steps for creating a study are done, running a study is straightforward: An optimization study can be started from either the Akamas UI (see the following figures) or the command line (refer to the Resource management commands page).

Before actually running an optimization study, it is highly recommended to read the following sections:

Once started, managing studies is different for offline optimization studies (see here below) and live optimization studies (see here below).

Offline optimization studies

Notice that once an offline optimization study has started, it can only be stopped or let be finished and not restarted again. However, it is also possible to reuse experiments executed in another study in another (successfully or not) finished study - this is called bootstrapping and is illustrated by the following figure (also refer to the Bootstrap Step page on the reference page).

This can be useful for multiple reasons, including the case of an error (e.g. a misconfigured workflow) that requires "restarting" the study.

Live optimization studies

For live optimization studies, it is possible to stop a study and restart it. However, please notice that this is an irreversible action, that would delete all the executed experiments, so basically, restarting a live study means starting it from scratch.

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