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Goals & Constraints

The optimization goal defines the objective of an optimization study to be achieved by changing the system parameters to modify the system behavior while also satisfying any defined optimization constraints on the system metrics, possibly representing SLOs.


A goal is defined by:
  • an optimization objective: either maximize or minimize
  • a scoring function (scalar): either a single metric or a formula defined by one or more metrics
One or more constraints can be associated with a goal
  • a formula defined on one or more metrics, referring to either absolute values (absolute constraints) or relative to a baseline value (relative constraints)
Notice that relative constraints are only supported by offline optimization studies while absolute constraints are supported by both offline and online optimization studies.
Goals and constraints are not an Akamas resource as they are defined as part of an optimization study. The construct to be used to define a goal and its constraints are described in the Goal & Constraint page of the Study template section.


Goals and constraints are not an Akamas resource and are always defined as part of an optimization study.

User Interface

Goals and constraints are displayed in the Akamas UI when drilling down each optimization study.
The detail of the formula used to define the goal may also be displayed: