Import Key Requests

By default, only requests at the service level are imported by the telemetry provider.

To import specific key requests you can follow these steps.

Currently only average response time, throughput, and error rate metrics are available for key requests.

Component Creation

Create a new component of type Web Application for each key request you want to import. This allows tracking response time, throughput, and error rates separately.

You can use the following yaml file as an example and customize it to suit your needs.

name: KeyRequestA
description: The key request A for my application
componentType: Web Application

In order to instruct Akamas to import a specific key request you just need to change the id field of the yaml above to the one that matches your key request on Dynatarce.

To obtain that ID open the analysis page for the request as in the example below, take note of the URL of the page, and look for the SERVICE_METHOD keyword. The id is the one starting with SERVICE_METHOD and ending before the character %14

Considering the example below the id is SERVICE_METHOD-D4BCC949D5DD656A

Telemetry instance setup

Create a telemetry instance for your system using the yaml specified below as an example and modify it to provide your Dynatrace account and credentials. This will instruct Akamas to use key request metrics instead of service metrics.

provider: Dynatrace
 url: https://<my-account>
 token: <my-token>
  - metric: requests_response_time
    datasourceMetric: builtin:service.keyRequest.response.time
    scale: 0.001    
    defaultValue: 0.0
      provider: dynatrace
  - metric: requests_throughput
    datasourceMetric: builtin:service.keyRequest.errors.server.successCount
    scale: 0.0166666666666666666666666666666
    defaultValue: 0.0
      provider: dynatrace        
  - metric: requests_error_rate
    datasourceMetric: builtin:service.keyRequest.errors.server.rate
    scale: 0.01
    defaultValue: 0.0
      provider: dynatrace    

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