Support levels for Customer Support Services

Akamas Customer Support Services provides different standard levels of support. Please verify the level of support specified in the contract in place with your Company.

Severity levels

The following table describes the different severity levels for Customer Support.

Severity levelDescriptionImpact


Blocking: production Customer system is severely impacted.

Notice: this severity level only applies to production environments

Catastrophic business impacts (e.g. complete loss of a core business process and work cannot reasonably continue (e.g. all final users are unable to access the Customer application)


Critical: one major Akamas functionality is unavailable

Significant loss or degradation of the Akamas services (e.g. Akamas is down or Akamas is not generating recommendations)


Severe: limitation in accessing one major Akamas functionality

Moderate business impact and moderate loss or degradation of services, but work can reasonably continue in an impaired manner (e.g. only some specific functions are not working properly)


Informational: Any other request

Minimum business impact.

Substantially functioning with minor or no impediments of services.

Support conditions

The contract in place with the Customer specifies the level of support provided by Akamas Agents, according at least to the following items:

  • Maximum number of support seats: this is the maximum number of named users within the Customer organization who can request Akamas Customer Support.

  • Language(s): these are the languages that can be used for interacting with Akamas Support Agents - the default is English.

  • Channel(s): these are the different communication channels that can be used to interact with Akamas Agents - these may include one or more options among web ticketing, email, phone, and Slack channel.

  • Max Initial Response Time: this refers to the time interval occurring from the time a request is opened by Customer to Customer Support and the time a Support Agent responds with a first notification (acknowledgment).

  • Severity: this is the level of severity associated with a reported issue, which initially corresponds to the severity level originally indicated by the Customer. Notice that the severity level may change, for example as new information becomes available or if Support Agents and Customer agree to re-evaluate it. Please notice that the severity level may be downgraded by Support Agents if Customer is not able to provide adequate resources or responses to enable Akamas to continue with its resolution efforts.

  • Initial Remedy: this refers to any operation aimed at addressing a reported issue by restoring a minimal level of operations, even if it may cause some performance degradation of the Customer service or operations. A workaround is to be considered a valid Initial Remedy.

Please notice that Support Agents may refuse to serve a service request to Customer Support either in case Customer does not have a valid Maintenance & Support subscription or in case the above-mentioned conditions or other conditions stated in the contract in place are not met. In any case, the Customer is expected to provide all the information required by Support Agent in order to serve service requests Customer Support.

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