Identity provider users

If you have configured ore or more Identity Providers, you can also limit the number of concurrent user sessions. First, access the Keycloak admin console with the instructions provided on the page Accessing Keycloak admin console.

Click on the "create flow" button, provide a name, and then select the flow type "Basic Flow" and click on create.

Now click on "add execution"

A dialog pops up with a list of possible actions, filter the results with the limit keyword.

Select "User session count limiter" and click on "Add".

Set this new step as "Required" from the drop-down then click on the cog icon to edit its properties

Give it a meaningful alias and type in the maximum concurrent session value you desire. Select the behavior "Deny new session" from the drop-down list. Type in a valid message in the textbox "Optional custom error message" and click on "Save".

Now go to the identity provider page and click on the Identity provider you want to limit.

Scroll down to the bottom, click on the "Post login flow" dropdown, and select the new step you just created then click on the "Save" button.

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