Setup HTTPS configuration

Akamas APIs and UI use plain HTTP when they are first installed. To enable the use of HTTPS you will need to:

  1. Ask your security team to provide you with a valid certificate for your server. The certificate usually consists of two files with ".key" and ".pem" extensions. You will need to provide the Akamas server DNS name.

  2. Create a folder named "certs" in the same directory as Akamas' docker-compose file;

  3. Copy the ".key" and ".pem" files in the created "certs" folder and rename them to "akamas.key" and "akamas.pem" respectively. Ensure the files belong to the same user and group you use to run Akamas.

  4. Restart two Akamas services by running the following commands:

    cd <Akamas docker-compose file folder>
    docker compose restart akamas-ui kong

After the containers' reboot is complete you will be able to access the UI over HTTPS from your browser:

https://<akamas server name here>

If you previously set up AKAMAS_BASE_URL variable with http (e.g. http://my.domain) you should update it to use https (e.g. http://my.domain) then issue

docker compose up -d

Setup CLI to use HTTPS

Now that your Akamas server is configured to use HTTPS you can update the Akamas CLI configuration to use the secure protocol.

If you have not installed the Akamas CLI, follow the CLI installation guide. If you already have the CLI available, you can run the following command:

akamas init config

You will be prompted to enter some input, please value it as follows:

Api address [http://localhost:8000]: https://<akamas server dns address>:443/akapi
Workspace [default]: default
Verify SSL: [True]: True

You can test the connection by running:

akamas status

It should return 'OK', meaning Akamas has been properly configured to work over HTTPS.

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