Oracle Database optimization pack

The Oracle Database optimization pack allows monitoring of an Oracle instance and exploring the configuration space of its initialization parameters. In this way, an Akamas study can achieve goals such as maximizing the throughput of an Oracle-backed application or minimizing its resource consumption, thus reducing costs.

The main tuning areas covered by the parameters provided in this optimization pack are:

  • SGA memory management

  • PGA memory management

  • SQL plan optimization

  • Approximate query execution

The optimization pack also includes metrics to monitor:

  • Memory allocation and utilization

  • Sessions

  • Query executions

  • Wait events

Component Types

These component types model different Oracle Database releases, either as on-premise or cloud solutions. They provide the initialization parameters the workflow can apply through the OracleConfigurator operator, and a set of metrics to monitor the instance performances.

Notice that for the Oracle Database hosted on Amazon RDS, a subset of initialization parameters can be applied in the workflow to interact with the RDS API interface.

Component TypeDescription

Oracle Database 12c

Oracle Database 18c

Oracle Database 19c

Oracle Database 11g on Amazon RDS

Oracle Database 12c on Amazon RDS


Here’s the command to install the Oracle Database optimization pack using the Akamas CLI:

akamas install optimization-pack oracle-database

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