If you plan to upgrade your Akamas instance, please verify the upgrade path with the Akamas support team. To ensure rollback in case of upgrade failure, it is suggested to back up your studies (see section User data backup).

The following guide uses the same chart repository and helm release names. Before starting the upgrade, you may find it helpful to look at the section Useful Commands.


Start by updating the local chart repository:

helm repo update akamas

Start online upgrade

Ensure your kubectl configuration points to the namespace where Akamas is installed or specify it with the --namespace parameter. To start the upgrade to the latest version:

helm upgrade akamas akamas/akamas

You can specify an older chart version using the --version parameter. Refer to Listing Akamas chart versions for discovering the published chart versions.

If you need to specify a different Values file from the latest installation, start from the last one used. If you do not have it stored, it can be retrieved as specified in Retrieving the Values file.


Before starting the upgrade, check Configure the registry to add new docker images.

If you can not reach helm.akamas.io from the machine where the installation will be run, run the following commands from another client (see the installation guide for a full explanation).

helm repo update akamas
helm pull akamas/akamas

Then, you can start the upgrade in the same way as for the Online version. If you are using the downloaded chart package, transfer the package and replace akamas/akamas with the downloaded tgz archive.

Useful commands

Listing Akamas chart versions

Akamas' versions can be listed by running the following command:

helm search repo akamas/akamas --versions

It is always suggested to install and upgrade to the latest chart version. The App Version field refers to the Akamas version. To ease the release process multiple chart versions may refer to the same App Version.

Retrieving the Values file

In case you do not have access to the Values file used during the last installation/upgrade, you can still get it by running:

helm get values akamas -o yaml > akamas-values.yaml

Such a command is useful only if you need to change some of the parameters during the upgrade, otherwise the old Values file is kept by Helm.

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