Setup the CLI


To get Akamas CLI installed on Linux, run the following commands:

curl -o akamas_cli$(curl -s
sudo mv akamas_cli /usr/local/bin/akamas
chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/akamas

You can now run the Akamas CLI following by running the akamas command.

In some installations, the /usr/local/bin folder is not present in the PATH environment variable. This prevents you from using akamas without specifying the complete file location. To fix this issue you can add an entry to the PATH system environment variable or move the executable to another folder in your PATH.


To enable auto-completion on Linux systems with a bash shell (requires bash 4.4+), run the following commands:

curl -O$(curl -s
mkdir -p ~/.akamas
mv ~/.akamas
echo '. ~/.akamas/' >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc


To install the Akamas CLI on Windows run the following command from Powershell:

Invoke-WebRequest "$($(Invoke-WebRequest | Select-Object -Expand Content) -replace '\n', '')/win_64/akamas.exe" -OutFile akamas.exe

You can now run the Akamas CLI by running .\akamas in the same folder.

To invoke the akamas CLI from any folder, create a akamas folder (such as C:\Program Files\akamas), and move there the akamas.exe file. Then, add an entry to the PATH system environment variable with the value C:\Program Files\akamas. Now, you can invoke the CLI from any folder, by simply running the akamas command.

The Akamas CLI can be accessed by simply running the akamascommand.

Verify the CLI

You can verify that the CLI was installed correctly by running this command:

akamas version

which should show an output similar to this one

Akamas CLI: 2.9.1
Akamas platform: 3.5.1

At any time, you can see available commands and options with:

akamas --help

For the full list of Akamas commands please refer to the section CLI reference.

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