Release Notes

Welcome to the Akamas 3.5.0 release notes! In this update, we've focused on enhancing the platform's usability, security, and overall performance. In particular, the improvements in the interaction capabilities offered by the UI allow users without knowledge of CLI and yaml files to optimize their applications without leaving the browser. Let’s dive into the details.

System, Workflow, and Telemetry Creation via UI:

Creating and managing your optimization environment is now more accessible than ever. With the ability to handle systems, components, telemetry instances, workflows, and studies directly through the UI, users can enjoy a streamlined experience that simplifies the initial setup and ongoing management of their optimization tasks. This update caters to both new and experienced users by providing an intuitive interface alongside our robust CLI options.


Security is paramount, and with 3.5, we've introduced several key features to bolster the platform's defenses. From rate limiting to enhanced input validation, these updates are designed to protect your data and operations from potential threats, ensuring a secure optimization experience.

  • Introduced a configurable rate limiting for all APIs.

  • Improved core entities' input validation to prevent SQL injection and XSS.

  • Disabled CORS from unencrypted origins and removed server information from HTTP responses.

  • Limited concurrent user sessions and enhanced cookie security.


The UI has received significant attention, making it even easier to monitor and analyze optimization efforts. Enhanced visualization of optimization metrics and an enriched "Best Configuration" view are among the updates designed to provide users with clear insights and straightforward application of optimizations.

  • Live optimization metrics chart now shows plot bands for failed trials.

  • Enhanced "Best Configuration" view for offline studies now shows the complete configuration ready to be copied and applied.

  • Metrics for bootstrapped experiments in live studies are now displayed in the metrics chart.


The CLI has been refined to ensure a smoother, faster user experience. Automation of Akamas URL discovery and entity caching are just some of the improvements aimed at speeding up command executions and streamlining interactions with the platform.

  • Automated discovery and setup of Akamas URL.

  • Command speedup through caching of entity IDs and names.

Helm Chart:

The Helm chart has been updated to provide more configurability and better support for environments with diverse requirements. These adjustments ensure Akamas can be deployed more flexibly across various infrastructures.

  • Made limits for the token update job configurable.

  • Introduced a dedicated and configurable service account for the toolbox.

General Enhancements

From improving the readability of scoring logs to enhancing optimizer speed and updating core services, version 3.5 introduces several general enhancements that elevate the overall performance and flexibility of Akamas.

  • Improved reporting during the scoring phase for improved readability.

  • Email addresses can now be used as usernames.

  • Improved optimizer speed for studies with many trials.

With each release, we strive to make Akamas more powerful, intuitive, and secure. We hope you find these updates beneficial and look forward to your feedback. Thank you for choosing Akamas for your optimization needs.

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