OracleConfigurator Operator

This page introduces the OracleConfigurator operator, a workflow operator that allows configuring the optimized parameters of an Oracle instance.


This section provides the minimum requirements that you should meet in order to use the OracleConfigurator operator.

Supported versions

  • Oracle 12c or later

Network requirements

  • The Oracle operator must be able to connect to the Oracle URL or IP address and port (default port: 1521).


  • The user used to log into the database must have ALTER SYSTEM privileges.

Supported component types

In order to configure the tuned parameters the Oracle Configurator operator requires to be bound to a component with one of the following types:

  • Oracle Database 12c

  • Oracle Database 18c

  • Oracle Database 19c

Databases hosted on Amazon RDS are not supported.

Configuration options

When you define an OracleExecutor task in the workflow you should specify some configuration information to allow the operator to connect to the Oracle instance.

You can specify configuration information within the config part of the YAML of the instance definition. The operator can also inherit some specific arguments from the properties of a bound component when not specified in the task.

Operator arguments

The following table describes all the properties for the definition of a task using the OracleConfigurator operator.


Update database entries

In the following example, the workflow leverages the OracleConfigurator operator to update the database parameters before triggering the execution of the load test for a component oracledb:

name: oracledb
componentType: Oracle Database 18c
    user: application
    password: password
    service: XE
- name: update parameters
  operator: OracleConfigurator
    component: oracledb

- name: run load test
  operator: Executor
    command: sh
    component: generator

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