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Kubernetes optimization pack

The Kubernetes optimization pack allows optimizing containerized applications running on a Kubernetes cluster. Through this optimization pack, Akamas is able to tackle the problem of distributing resources to containerized applications in order to minimize waste and ensure the quality of service.
To achieve these goals the optimization pack provides parameters that focus on the following areas:
  • Memory allocation
  • CPU allocation
  • Number of replicas
Similarly, the bundled metrics provide visibility on the following aspects of tuned applications:
  • Memory utilization
  • CPU utilization

Component Types

The component types provided in this optimization pack allow modeling the entities found in a Kubernetes-based application, optimizing their parameters, and monitoring the key performance metrics.
Component Type
Kubernetes Container
Kubernetes Pod
Kubernetes Workload
Kubernetes Namespace
Kubernetes Cluster


Here’s the command to install the Kubernetes optimization pack optimization-pack using the Akamas CLI:
akamas install optimization-pack Kubernetes