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Release Notes

We are thrilled to announce Akamas Version 3.3.0, packed with exciting new features and enhancements to elevate your optimization experience. In this release, we introduce support for OAuth2 authentication, along with significant improvements to our optimization packs for popular programming languages and runtimes. Read on to discover how these updates can empower your optimization efforts!

Support for Oauth 2

Akamas Version 3.3.0 introduces robust OAuth2 support, enabling effortless integration with Azure Active Directory and Google authentication services. This addition streamlines user access management, enhances security, and broadens your authentication options. With OAuth2 integration, you can now leverage your existing Azure AD and Google credentials to access Akamas, making user management more efficient and secure. You can use it side by side with local authentication and keep using workspaces to enable users to share optimization studies.

Optimization Pack Enhancements

In this release, we've invested significant effort in improving our optimization packs, ensuring that they deliver outstanding performance for your applications. We've added support for OpenJDK 17, Node, and Go. These enhancements are designed to help you achieve even greater efficiency and performance when optimizing your systems with Akamas. Whether you're working with Java, Node, or Go applications, you can expect simpler and more effective optimization experiences, making it easier to meet your performance and cost goals. These updates represent our commitment to continually enhancing Akamas to support your optimization needs.
Besides these major enhancements, we have also improved the way telemetry instances are managed. You can now assign a custom name to each telemetry instance and easily see related log entries.
Furthermore, we have improved the helm chart for installing akamas on Kubernetes in order to simplify the setup of ingress controllers and enable an optional management pod that holds most of the tools used to integrate akamas in many scenarios where SSH access to a utility machine is not available.