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Cluster Requirements

Kubernetes version

Running Akamas requires a cluster running Kubernetes version 1.24 or higher.

Resources requirements

Akamas can be deployed in three different sizes depending on the number of concurrent optimization studies that will be executed. If you are unsure about which size is appropriate for your environment we suggest you start with the small one and upgrade to bigger ones as you expand the optimization activity to more applications.
The tables below report the required resources both for requests and limits that should be available in the cluster to use Akamas.
The small tier is suited for environments that need to support up to 10 concurrent optimization studies
7 Cores
17 Cores
38 GB
41 GB
Disk Space
70 GB
70 GB

Storage requirements

The cluster must provide the definition of a Storage Class so that the application installation can leverage Persistent Volume Claims to dynamically provision the volumes required to persist data.
For more information on this topic refer to Kubernetes' official documentation.


To install and run Akamas cluster level permissions are not required. This is the minimal set of namespaced rules.
- apiGroups: ["", "apps", "policy", "batch", "networking.k8s.io", "events.k8s.io/v1", "rbac.authorization.k8s.io"]
- configmaps
- cronjobs
- deployments
- events
- ingresses
- jobs
- persistentvolumeclaims
- poddisruptionbudgets
- pods
- pods/log
- rolebindings
- roles
- secrets
- serviceaccounts
- services
- statefulsets
verbs: ["get", "list", "create", "delete", "patch", "update", "watch"]


Networking requirements depend on how users interact with Akamas. Services can be exposed via Ingress or using kubectl as a proxy. Refer to Accessing Akamas for a more detailed description of the available options.