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Software Requirements

This page describes the requirements that should be fulfilled by the user when installing or managing an Akamas installation on Kubernetes. The software listed below is usually installed on the user's workstation or laptop.


Kubectl must be installed and configured to interact with the desired cluster. Refer to the official kubectl documentation to set up the client.
To interact with the Kubernetes API server you will need kubectl, preferably with a version matching the cluster. To check both the client and cluster versions, run:
kubectl version --short


Installing Akamas requires Helm 3.0 or higher. To check the version run:
helm version --short

Privileged access

Akamas uses Elasticsearch to store logs and time-series. When running Akamas on Kubernetes, Elasticsearch is installed, automatically using the official Elasticsearch helm chart. This chart required running an init container with privileged access to set up a configuration on the host running the Elasticsearch pod. If running such a container is not permitted in your environment you can add the following snippet to the akamas.yaml file when installing Akamas to disable this feature.
# Disable ES privileged initialization container.
enabled: false